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The Control Freak Is In

All Your Video Game Are Belong to Control Freak

Control Freak
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In true Control Freak fashion, my age and ethnic group will be kept secret. This way, the premise of the Control Freak articles and journals will not be ruined by these things, and all bias will be more-or-less disposed of.

(With that said, I'd like to introduce myself as the Control Freak. This jounal was set up so that, even after my career as a journalist on the newspaper staff has ended, I can still write and have people read my work, albeit now, it is free. Most everything posted here will either be of factoral relevance in the world of video games, or it will be my opinion about video games.

All work displayed on this page is written by the Control Freak. Do not copy or distribute the work. However, citing or referencing it is perfectly fine. After all, I don't own the information. Just remember: All your base are belong to Control Freak.)